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Dear Coaches/Managers,

Thank you again for joining SFYBL and stepping up to coach local youth sports!
We know that some of you have coached for years in our league and are quite used to the protocols that govern SFYBL play. Others of you are coaching for the first time and we welcome you!
We have an Annual Coaches' Clinic. 
This day runs from 9am to 1pm. 
All coaches are invited to participate. Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and any new coaches are expected to attend. 
This clinic is divided by player age groups and coaches will have an opportunity to review the rules for their division and learn some age appropriate drills for their teams. 
It is a fun day for all involved.  Attendance to this training makes the season better for EVERYONE.

The training will take place February 3rd, 2024.

Thank you and see you on the field!
SFYBL staff and volunteers.

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