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The 2023 SFYBL Rules Highlights are available now. As well as links to 2023 Pony Rules

SFYBL plays using a slightly modified version of the official PONY Baseball Rules. And the PONY Baseball rules are a modified subset of Major League Baseball (MLB) rules. This is the rule hierarchy. The lower number entry always takes precedence over a higher number entry:

1- SFYBL Modified PONY Rules (Complete)

2022 SFYBL Rules for Shetland & Pinto Divisions

2022 SFYBL Rules for Mustang, Bronco & Pony Divisions

The following documents contain some Rule Highlights for quick reference

2023 Shetland T-Ball Rules Highlights

2023 Shetland Coach Pitch Rules Highlights

2023 Pinto Rules Highlights

2023 Mustang Rules Highlights

2023 Bronco Rules Highlights

2023 Pony Rules Highlights

2 - PONY Baseball Rules

2023 PONY Baseball Rulebook

2023 PONY Pitchcount Rules

2023 PONY Bat Rules

3 - Official Rules of Major League Baseball

2022 MLB Rules

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