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SCHEDULES - are found under the "Games" tab


Shetland T-ball and Shetland Coach Pitch Divisions are introductory, instructional, with no playoffs nor championships, so scores are neither kept nor reported.

Pinto Division is introductory with player pitch, instructional, with no playoffs nor championships, no scores are posted. Scores and pitch counts are reported to the league as information for when team moves next season to Mustang Division.

Both team's coaches will use the Virtual Badge app or a Google form to report game scores and pitch counts for each Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and/or Pony Division game.

The google form is sent directly to coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers by the league. If you can't locate the link, communicate with your Division Commissioner.

BOTH teams are responsible for reporting the game score and pitch counts for both teams. Scores not reported by at least one coach listed on the winning team�?�¢??s roster within 24 hours of a a game�?�¢??s conclusion may be marked in the scores and standings as a double forfeit. On MAY 7, final games of the regular season, ALL scores are to be reported within 1 hour of game completion.

All scores entered on the forms are UNOFFICIAL until cross referenced with the umpire score cards. All scores will be verified. Click here for OFFICIAL scores and standings. We do not publish Pinto scores, but we do keep track of wins and losses to assist in subdivision placement for teams advancing to Mustang next year.

Note: Please report the actual score, however in the official standings, we do not publicly display more than a 10+ victory. With more than a few lopsided victories, it's far from a morale booster for the losing team to see such info; not to mention that it serves little purpose when run differential rarely comes into play for the standings.

As far as standings go, RF, RA, and run differential are rarely of consequence. Our primary standings criteria is 1) win percentage followed by 2) head-to-head results. If at the end of the regular season two or more teams are still tied after those two criteria, we will utilize RA using a max of 10/game. If any teams are still tied (very doubtful)..we will then utilize RA from the true scores (which we keep a record of).

To report a discrepancy, please email: Note that the SFYBL Board meets weekly on Fridays; any messages received will not receive responses until Friday afternoons.

Playoff/Championship games require printout of team roster plus use of Pitching Record Form, ask your Division Commissioner for this form.

Questions, concerns and requests, please reach out to your Division Commissioner accordingly:

Pinto Division Commissioner: Scott McDonald

Mustang Division Commissioner: Brent Lewellen

Bronco Division CommissionerDonny Bendo

Pony Division Commissioner: Melissa Hinn-Anderson

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